'Dictators' should focus on feces, not smoke

Posted: Sunday, March 02, 2008

This letter is regarding the debate over the smoking ban that went into effect in Juneau's bars on Jan. 2.

Those who like smoking bans elsewhere, please by all means move to utopia. Roughly three-quarters of the bartenders are smokers who knowingly work in a smoke-filled environment. If they choose to work there that is their choice, after all they are "big kids" who can make up their own minds.

If there do happen to be bartenders who don't smoke or don't like being around smoke, choose another occupation. Bartending is not the only occupation available.

If anybody hasn't noticed, there are occupations that are associated with some sort of health and physical risks. For example, firefighters, police work, miners, construction workers, heck, even health care workers are exposed to risks.

Working in the maritime industry, as I do, I am aware that the seas can get rough, boats can sink and people sometimes perish as a result. That is my choice to take those risks.

If you wish to patronize a smoke-free bar then patronize one that was already smoke free - decided upon by the owner, and not some dictators who thought the bars should be smoke free.

For example, the Hanger was smoke free long before the ordinance was enacted. If you like particular bars and want them smoke free, then buy it and make it so. Otherwise, the dictators should ban the sale of tobacco or leave it up to bars and the free enterprise to determine if it shall be a smoke free environment or not.

Alaska was more enjoyable before all the busy bodies started telling us how we should and shouldn't live. If these busy bodies are so concerned with the public's health, then why don't they do something about all the dog feces the pet owners don't bother to pick up after their pets? That there is a health risk to everyone, not just the mature taxpaying adults who decide to patronize drinking establishments.

My children can't even play in their own yard without stepping in feces that some irresponsible pet owner has allowed their pet to leave in our yard. We choose not to have pets because of the issues involved with owning a pet. Yet we are forced to put up with the unpleasantries of people's pets. Why don't the dictators do something about this?

Todd Perdon


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