Missing men experienced seafarers

Posted: Sunday, March 02, 2008

This letter is in response to Wednesday's article, "Search still on for two men and boat," regarding the vessel Transition.

My husband, Michael F. Dunne, grew up on the waters of Southeast Alaska - in Metlakatla. He is a former Marine Corporal (1981-1985), a fisher, logger, sawmill worker and commercial tree-thinner.

In 2005, he received his bachelor's degree in technical management, which he added to his welding certificate and electronics associate of arts and science.

His father and uncles are experienced with vessels, have a healthy respect for the sea and taught him well. He knows how to ready a boat for sailing and was experienced in living off the seas and beaches of Southeast, and if need be, could survive offthe same.

Vern McGee grew up in Juneau, was in the Navy, experienced in northern Southeast waters and graduated from school with a degree inmarine electronics.

Victoria Canul Dunne


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