Thanks but no thanks, Glenn Beck

Posted: Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I certainly haven't appreciated the misanthropic ravings of Glenn Beck, even though I consider myself to be a regular person.

It's odd to me that there are those who appreciate his negativity, rantings and just plain nonsense as he holds forth on his Fox News forum. Glenn Beck does not have a corner on the market as far as "truth" is concerned; in fact, he generally only has a passing fancy with the truth.

It is unfortunate that he pretends to speak for those of us trying to coexist in this complex and often unfair world. However, the vituperative nature of his ravings does nothing to help anyone, alienates many and brings to the surface only the most negative of emotions in those people who give any credence to what he purports to be factual.

As far as I am concerned, he is nothing more than a second- rate pseudo-entertainer and broadcaster, spewing garbage for the most part, and trying to be as outrageous as he can. That doesn't equate to any kind of ability to root out evil or wrongdoing; it only adds to the cacophony of trash talk swirling around.

The only thing I can thank Glenn Beck for in his continuing irrational, negative and spurious meanderings within the world of broadcast journalism is that it shows him to be nothing more than a second- class hack, working in a second-class circus called Fox.

Eileen Hosey


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