GCI joins forces with Intergrated Logic to benefit rural areas

Posted: Wednesday, March 02, 2011

GCI has taken a large equity position in the network solutions and consulting company Integrated Logic, something the companies say will help in building networks in Alaska’s rural areas.

The companies have been working together on projects for a number of years, and have a number of common customers in different areas of the state.

Allen Chadwick, a director at Integrated Logic, said the merger was a natural fit because it has been working on wireless and other network solutions for rural areas that often included working with larger partners like GCI and AT&T on such projects. Chadwick said this included areas in Southeast.

“They were doing one part of work and we were doing another,” said Martin Cary, GCI’s vice president and general manager of Managed Broadband Services.

“We are an agent for the customer in most cases,” Chadwick said.

Cary said a significant factor in GCI’s interest in gaining equity in Integrated Logic was because it had found success in working in rural areas and had complementary skill sets to the larger company, saying the decision became a “natural thing.”

The companies say the partnership will help support technology needs for rural health care, education, public service and commercial organizations.

Cary said a real benefit to customers will be more integrated solutions due to the increased coordination with Integrated Logic, saying, “Jointly, we can do a better job.”

Cary said GCI has made considerable investments in rural Alaska and as the customers’ implemented networks get more complicated, a company like Integrated Logic can be in a better position to help.”

“Integrated Logic has been a strong partner for rural Alaska and will be a strong partner for GCI,” Cary stated in a press release. “Prior to the creation of this partnership, customers faced difficulties working with multiple vendors to ensure a dependable network and Internet environment. Between the shortage of technical resources in rural communities and the complexity of broadband services technology, rural organizations were faced with daunting challenges in designing and maintaining functional systems to support their missions.”

“By combining GCI’s customer-centric broadband delivery model with Integrated Logic’s hands-on approach to building, fixing and managing customer networks, rural organizations have a real, comprehensive package to rural Alaska’s networking and technology needs,” Chris Johnson, Integrated Logic’s director of business development, said in that release.

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