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Posted: Friday, March 03, 2000

Where did Sen. Mackie go to school for statistics? One person speaking out of the entire state is not 100 percent of the opinion.

Who does Sen. Mackie think he is? Ballinger does not speak for all Alaskans and there is not 100 percent support from the public.

I'm only 14 but even I know that the Mackie plan is a bad idea.

As a single parent, I enjoy my permanent fund dividend once a year. It is what keeps me off welfare. Please leave my dividend alone.

It sure didn't take long for them to try to rob the permanent fund again. Listen to the whole state, knock it off.

Why should the Alaska Permanent Fund Corp. be given $240 million of oil revenue for the year 2000? Last year, $155 million generated from oil revenue went into the Alaska Permanent Fund. Why isn't the money being used to help erase the deficit? At this point in time, the permanent fund does not need this revenue. The state of Alaska does.

A big thank you to Ellen Northup for her letter about The Glory Hole's beginning and mission.

The Glory Hole and some of its patrons have grandfather rights to South Franklin. They were there before the cruise ships and tourism.

Eaglecrest is not a resort. It's not any different than the pool. It's just a place where kids can go and have some fun.

It is about time that somebody congratulates our city manager for having the courage to look at a department that is redundant in our community and try to actually start saving our city some money. In case you haven't noticed, we have a fiscal problem here that has to be solved.

I'd like to encourage everyone who is concerned about the city's decision to get out of the social service business to attend the assembly meeting at 7 p.m. on Monday.

Why is it that you can break the law on purpose and get fined $25 but if you break the law by accident, like forgetting a duck stamp, you get charged a lot more?

People who are in their 40s are a bunch of hypocrites when it comes to zero tolerance and abstinence. It is unrealistic. Coaches are not God and kids are not perfect. It's ludicrous that coaches are making athletes sign oaths to narc on their teammates. Great kids are having their lifes wrecked for making a bad choice once.

I went to see the play ``The Drag'' last night. It was fantastic.

Enough of this Ellen Goodman column. How about something of intellectual substance?

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