Paramedics save lives

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Sunday, March 03, 2002

I support the idea of hiring paramedics or firefighters medic I personnel that are working for Capital City Fire & Rescue as paramedics. I think the chief needs to get his figures right. Yes maybe 80 percent of all the calls in the city are medical but many of those times firefighters are driving an engine company to help out. I know. I am a retired paid firefighter from Capitol City Rescue of 20 years of service. I, too, was a medic I personnel and firefighter. I remember the days of Dr. Henry Akiyama getting up in front of the Assembly to try to get medic I started. It was not management that helped get medic I going; it was your on-the-street firefighter that got signatures signed in front of Foodland to get medic I in the fire department.

We tried for years with frustration with management to help us become paramedics. No help was ever given. Personnel would go to school on their own time and money to become a paramedic and take leave to do it. I hope the Assembly gives its OK on hiring more paramedics but also not making the pay more than the firefighter medic I. Firefighter medic 1 personnel ride the ambulance too and also have the responsibility of the fire end of the job.

Juneau has no idea how lucky they are to have the services they have. Get on with it and call your Assembly and demand that they hire the added personnel it will save lives.

Allan Edwards

Salt Ash, NSW Australia

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