Wrangell School Board examines superintendent options

Posted: Sunday, March 03, 2002

What will the administration of the Wrangell Public School District look like when school opens next fall?

The School Board's desire to reduce the cost of a full-time superintendent has led the panel to begin looking at options. Board President Janell Privett said the state Department of Education allows superintendent/principal combinations, a management team, CEOs and retired superintendents or, in some cases, teachers, to perform the tasks of a school superintendent.

The holder of the position must have a Type B certificate, which is issued by the Department of Education.

"There are all different styles going on in the state," said Privett. "We want to reduce the budget deficit without interfering with classes or teachers."

Privett said that there is enough talent in the district to do the job by dividing it among staff members. At a Feb. 14 workshop, the participants discussed the responsibilities of the superintendent and what strengths exist on the staff for carrying out those responsibilities.

Additional public meetings will be scheduled, and teachers will also be consulted to learn if they might contribute toward the restructuring effort.

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