Speak up about payout

Posted: Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Have you heard of the $20,000 dollar payout plan, HJR 31? If you love it or you hate it, whether you like it or do not, I just want Alaskans to be in on this conversation. Maybe you have another idea? Let's hear it. That is exactly the purpose of public comment and the committee process. Please take the time to speak on the issue.

It is extremely important for everyone to join in this process, because we are talking about the future of Alaska right now. HJR 31 is just a plan. It is just one of many possible solutions to the financial issues facing the people and the state. I don't want to see state services fail the folks who actually need them and I don't want to see the great economic benefit of the dividend program end. We must find a solution. I only offer HJR 31, because I believe it can work. I am open to any idea that will truly work.

I invite everyone, who is interested, to comment at the House State Affairs Committee meeting on March 4th, Thursday at 8am. To participate contact your local legislative information office.

Rep. Jim Holm


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