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Posted: Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Regarding Marilyn Linsell's pragmatic letter about the schools getting rid of soft drinks, I'd just like to say a "hear, hear!" Across the county, corporations like Coke and Pepsi are bribing themselves into poorly funded schools as sponsors. I dare say we will see a "Coca Cola High School Class of 2010" or maybe even before.

As a former Juneau teacher, I can't believe there isn't even more outrage over the school lunches. Burritos, pizza and corn dogs do not make healthy students. Working in Thailand now, our American curriculum school offers five different dishes a day, including a fresh Thai papaya and carrot salad, green salad, and three fresh, hot entrees: one American, one Thai, and usually one Japanese. All are prepared fresh, not brought in from Dominos or Taco Bell. These students are lucky and have a great sense of personal wellness.

It makes me sad to think what Juneau students are offered daily. After seeing so many of our Juneau students suffering from ADD and asthma, and other ailments known to be strongly affected by poor diet choices, we have to ask: Why are we peddling corn dogs to our kids?

Mary Noble

Chonburi, Thailand

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