TSA's vendetta

Posted: Wednesday, March 03, 2004

As an American I stand in outrage at yet the latest policy of passenger harassment by the TSA. This agency should be investigated by Congress for its criminally deceptive policies that lead to the entrapment of innocent law abiding air travelers.

On TSA's web site and under the moniker of "Smart Security Saves Time ..." they list a rather extensive list of permitted/not permitted items. Items that all have a shared commonality of being sharp such as: cigar cutters, corkscrews, cuticle cutters, nail files, nail clippers, safety razors which are all surprisingly listed as being permitted for carry-on luggage by the TSA without any immediate qualification or clarification. Air travelers that take this TSA document at face value, are lulled into a sense of confidence that listed items (such as those previously mentioned) are legal to take on. However, TSA has demonstrated a bait and switch tactic that baits passengers in with their "Permitted Items" list and then surreptitiously switches the rules on the passenger at the time of screening. Law abiding passengers are now entrapped by TSA as a possible terrorist threat because they did nothing more then bring on an item that TSA documentation lists as being permissible.

With this deceptive bait and switch policy, TSA falsely misrepresents their confiscation reports to Congress by inflating their confiscation numbers at the expense of multitudes of deceived air travelers. And now TSA is upping the ante once more by levying fines on their unassuming prey and reaping the combined benefits of higher confiscation numbers and extra revenue. It's bad enough that taxpayers are having to waste five-plus billion dollars on TSA, now we're having to subsidize this inept agency even more by their predatory fines.

With TSA's on going vendetta against our Nation's Bill of Rights and Constitution, travelers have far more to fear from TSA than from any terrorist.

And in my opinion that is the greatest security concern of all.

Marc Horner


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