Ferry system was set up to fail

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, March 03, 2006

How amazing is it that the (Murkowski) administration now feels it is time to cut the fast ferries?

All you can say is, "Duh!"

If the administration had listened to the crew members who said that these ferries could not work in Alaska, and learned any lessons from British Columbia, which once had fast ferries, then the state would not be in the situation it is now. Thirty-three million dollars were spent on these ferries alone. This is not counting the docks, fuel and crew.

For $66 million, maybe a more efficient ferry could have been built. But no, don't listen to the people who know. Make sure you have people who have no maritime knowledge in the head positions. And of course, make sure you set the system up for failure.

I said this awhile ago: This administration will do whatever it can to get roads. And they do this by giving the least efficient service to the citizens of Alaska. This administration is just as good as their federal buddies in Washington.

Rob Glenn


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