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Posted: Friday, March 03, 2006

Props to the JDHS drama department

Bravo to the Juneau-Douglas High School drama department for another outstanding performance. The opening night of Pippin was packed, and the enthusiasm was contagious. What a wonderful gift Ms. Bereman gives to the community of Juneau. She connects a cast and crew of nearly 100 students with dedicated and talented adults who volunteer (or nearly volunteer) a tremendous amount of time and energy to deliver an exceptional product. The show was so well done that I had to keep reminding myself that these were high school students. It is so refreshing to see these young adults exude such confidence and talent. I marvel at their ability to use their bodies and voices in such masterful ways and am thankful that they have the choice and make the choice to do so, rather than merely blending in to the wallpaper of the world. We are so fortunate to have this opportunity available for our kids. We know how good extracurricular activities are for kids. We know they provide a purpose, connection to school and others, a safe place to be, a community of people to be with and opportunities to grow and develop in healthy ways. We can just imagine all the life lessons packed into the development of these shows: time management, stress management, problem solving, conflict resolution and communication skills, not to mention friendship skills and trust.

We have sports teams and other high school clubs that are recognized for rising to the top and delivering outstanding performances. These clubs and teams have some good years and some great years. By comparison, the JDHS drama department delivers top notch performances year after year. If there were a rubric developed for grading these performances, we would continually be marking exceeds expectations. My assessment may be rather informal, but from where I stood Friday night after the show, I'd say the JDHS drama department is doing everything just right.

Watching, talking and listening to the cast, crew, parents, audience members, volunteers and support staff, the message was repeated over and over again: When we work hard for ourselves and each other, we can achieve great things and be proud of ourselves and each other!

Congratulations on a job very well done.

Michele Ricci


Thanks for Meals on Wheels support

Thank you to the departments of transportation and public facilities and law staffs, for their very generous and continued support of the Juneau Meals on Wheels Program. Through their holiday fundraising efforts, many a homebound senior throughout the city will benefit from meals delivered by volunteers of the program.

For many of these seniors, these home-delivered meals are the only substantive meal of the day and the visit from the volunteer is the only human contact. On behalf of these seniors and the volunteers who assist them, a very sincere thank you.

Meals On Wheels program staff and volunteers

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