Senior Night is about more than just five basketball players

Posted: Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I read with interest the article in the Feb. 27 edition of the Empire about JDHS's Senior Night. While I understand that his article was focused on the basketball team and the importance of the games for the Feb. 27-28 weekend, but the titled the article "Senior Night Gut Check" failed to mention a single word about any other senior, or group, who will be honored during the game on Saturday.

The basketball team is enthusiastically supported and cheered on by three groups of students who put in tremendous effort to show their support. The pep band, cheerleaders and dance team work hard, put in practice hours and are there to support both girls and boys basketball teams.

It would have been nice for the Empire staff to recognize these efforts as well. If an article carries the title of Senior Night, then a mention of all seniors participating is appropriate.

These three supporting groups are important to the overall excitement of the games and are often taken for granted. As an example of how these groups are overlooked, I've had two daughters both spend four years in the pep band, and never have I seen a picture in this paper of that group. The school knows about these groups and specifically invited parents of these students to attend the game Saturday. The paper should follow suit and give all participating seniors some recognition.

Steve Rothchild


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