Not quite virgin timber

Posted: Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Ms. Ferry waxed semi-poetic (Empire, March 3) about old growth forests, kinda suggesting in condescending and pretentious fashion that Chicken Little was right and the trees were all going to fall/be cut down.

This reminder: Roughly 450,000 acres have been logged, and it took over 100 years to do it; that's less than 5 percent of the Tongass. I'm reminded of a New York congressman who landed at the airport about 25 years ago, looked over at Mansfield Peninsula and commented on that "virgin" forest, untouched by human hands. Now, as the story goes, I'm not sure whether or not it was Don Young or who made the correction, but one knowledgeable soul informed him that, no, that area had, indeed, been harvested, and that beautiful scene was not "old growth."

But, it seems, facts don't really matter to those who've made up their minds and are determined to embrace the politically correct green mantle; similar to those opposing ANWR with the same demented arguments we heard about 30 years ago. Frustrating. And sad.

Geoff Brandt

Everett, Wash.

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