Patriot for peace

Posted: Tuesday, March 04, 2003

In response to the Outside Editorial of Feb. 27, I went to the International ANSWER Web site and found nothing communist that I could recognize. It was an interesting site. In general, I doubt that the people who are presently involved with ANSWER are communists. They seem to be citizens looking for a way to speak to our government through an organized voice, hoping to be heard.

I am totally against the war in Iraq. I think our government is behaving shamefully, bullying the rest of the world in the most obvious imperialistic aggression since the sun stopped rising and falling on the British Empire.

Yes, I am a peaceful, patriotic American. I know I am totally blessed to live in this country, and I appreciate every right guaranteed to me by the Constitution. I cherish the safety that we live in, the prosperity that we enjoy.

I believe in freedom, not just for me and the people who look like me, but for everyone! I believe innocent people around the world should have freedom from fear of aggressive bullies. I do not want the men and women of our armed forces to suffer and die in vain, fighting to maintain our supply of foreign oil. I do not think Iraq is a threat to the United States.

Attacking Iraq will only incite terrorists to more extremes. Saddam deserves to be removed from power, but the United Nations should name the methods.

I am not alone in my beliefs. People from all political parties and ideologies are joining together to protest this. We are not communists, check out These are veterans of past conflicts, yes our soldiers, who have fought on our behalf in the past, who know what war really is, who are speaking rationally and compassionately against this war.

Jane Roodenburg


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