No to fish farms

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, March 04, 2005

Fishermen, sportsmen, environmentalists, conservationists, Native people and local communities all become allies when it comes to fish farms. It makes me wonder who Sen. Ted Stevens is supporting. It sounds to me like loaded corporate hand has been knocking on his door. I also wonder how much time Sen. Stevens has spent on 300 miles of Alaska shores. The seas are not a backyard swimming pool. That distance will not protect the local rivers and steams from the non-native "frankenfish." It is nothing for salmon to swim thousands of miles. Even just mentioning the notion of farming sends the wrong message. Sen. Stevens should be a spokesmen for the wild fish that is abundant in the pristine Alaska waters. I am doing the best I can here in California to inform consumers of the difference of the two fish. Seems to me that's the least Alaska representatives should be doing.

Karen Suarez

Monrovia, Calif.

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