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Posted: Friday, March 04, 2005

Play was impressive

As a visitor to Juneau from the Boston area, I had the opportunity to attend the performance of "Once On This Island" at Juneau-Douglas High School. I was so impressed by the talent of these young adults that I wanted to share my views with the residents of Juneau.

The music was infectious and it is still in my head. It makes you want to get up and dance with the cast. The dance sequences were phenomenal and it flows so well that you know these kids have put their heart and soul into the performance. The vocal range is incredible and invokes the emotion that they are trying to capture in the story line.

The effort put in by all who helped to make this play a success was very apparent. Anybody who enjoys theater will truly enjoy this play, and I urge you to support this very talented group of people.

Karen Thomsen

Walpole, Mass.

... for supporting troops

The Alaska Army National Guard 3rd Battalion would like to thank the many groups and individuals who gave their assistance and support during the Community Support Our Troops day, held Feb. 12. Thank you to the Juneau Family Readiness Group and the Capital City Republican Women, especially Gale Sinnott and Charlotte Richards, for planning the details behind this event.

We would also like to thank Safeway, Super Bear and Alaskan & Proud for allowing volunteers to stand at your store's doors and request participation in the care package drive. A large thank you to all the wonderful shoppers who donated money and/or supplies to the care package drive. An overwhelming amount of items and a total of $482 were donated to the local soldiers deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. We would like to thank Costco for the store's individual contribution to the effort. We would like to thank the Nugget Mall and all the people who stopped and signed a Valentine's Day card for the troops.

And finally, we would like to thank the following people for donating their time to ensure the success of this effort: Cathy Boutin, Tom Boutin, Bryan Crowder, Diane Crowder, Denny Dewitt, Patsy Dewitt, David Heimbigner, Renda Heimbigner, Ed Hein, Genny Jablonski, Paul Lisankie, Peggy Mattson, Tania Mitchell, Tammy Murphy, David Richards, Gail Shrader, Garland Walker, Margaret Walmer, Murray Walsh, Sarah Walsh, Brenda Weaver, Rep. Peggy Wilson and Brandon Wood. Your efforts on our behalf are most sincerely appreciated.

Alaska Army National Guard

3rd Battalion

... for Kid Safety

Thank you to Bartlett Regional Hospital and all the volunteers who helped make Kid Safety at Centennial Hall possible. Our nieces go through all the classes, trail safety, bears, boating, bikes, the Internet and guns, got a fingerprinting kit to bring home and saw an ambulance up close. They had a great time.

Romona Wigg and Christine Tolman


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