OUTSIDERS: Doug Wessen

Posted: Sunday, March 04, 2007

Age: 50.

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Occupation: School psychiatrist, volunteer with Juneau Mountain Rescue and Capital City Fire and Rescue Special Team.

Favorite outdoor activity: In the wintertime it is skiing. In the summer it's just being outdoors. I like kayaking, hiking, mountaineering.

Favorite outdoor memory: Summiting Mount McKinley in 2000. Getting up on that summit ridge looking down, it dropped 17- or 18,000 feet to the pouch. There was that incredible light on that ridge. I climbed it in 1992 and didn't summit it, so I went back in 2000 with some people from the fire department and some friends.

Favorite outdoor sport: Mountaineering and glacier trekking. I've done some rock climbing and caving in high school. Then I moved to Alaska and met with a friend that was up here and got just really enthralled with the glacier, took a mountaineering course, which probably had at lot to do with me getting into mountain rescue; doing that, being up there.

Favorite outdoor spot: Hiking up the ridge out to Mount Roberts and Pittman's Ridge up at Eaglecrest.

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