Lake and Peninsula voters could have chance to vote to block mining

Posted: Friday, March 04, 2011

Lake and Peninsula Borough citizens filed an application to have the Save our Salmon Initiative to appear on the next municipal election ballot, according to a press release. The Initiative, sponsored by 24 Lake and Peninsula Borough residents, will prohibit any large-scale resource extraction activity, including mining, if that activity could destroy or degrade salmon waters.

“This Initiative is about giving a voice to the Alaskans who will be most affected by industrial development in Bristol Bay,” said George Jacko, lead sponsor of the Save our Salmon Initiative.

If passed, the Save our Salmon Initiative could alter the development permitting code and disallow the development of large-scale resource extractions, including the Pebble Mine, if such development threatens the salmon habitat. Additionally, this measure grants the public the ability to obtain court reviews of the permitting process.

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