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Posted: Sunday, March 05, 2000

Moose 911

A snowmachine ride on the Chena River turned into an unexpected fishing expedition last week for Bret Helgeson. The Fairbanks man pulled a yearling moose out of the river's icy grasp with the help of his father and a 20-foot tow rope. ``I've killed a lot of moose, but this is the first one I've ever saved,'' said the 29-year-old hunter. After the moose was out of the water, he nuzzled his rescuers, rubbing his head up and down on Helgeson. ``He was totally thankful. I'm sure he'd have bought me a beer in the local tavern if he could have.''

Overseas fame

Former Juneau guys Charlie Northrip, of JEDC fame, and Jon Newstrom, of public radio notoriety, were recently written up for their efforts to bring independent TV news to Croatia. The evening show ``Vijesti,'' Croatian for ``News,'' now airs on enough independent stations to reach three-quarters of the Balkan nation's population. The show is the first competition go to up against the government-run network called HTV. Jon did radio news in Petersburg and Sitka, and Charlie ran KTOO when it aired its own local daily local news show, ``Evening Edition.''

Double entendre intended?

Speaking on behalf of a resolution designating March as Women's History Month, Eagle River Republican Rep. Fred Dyson lauded the hard work women have done through the years to make gains in women's rights. ``The battle these women fought was a broad one,'' he said. The remark prompted broad laughter from the still-mostly-male House of Representatives.

Overlapping holidays

And speaking of Women's History Month ... Official proclamations are a dime a dozen, so it's no surprise some commemorative days, weeks and months overlap. Several people (all women) told us they enjoyed noticing this is both Women's History Month and National Frozen Food Month. A chilly coincidence?

Getting sleepy?

Sleep disorder experts are warning Iditarod mushers to be more like their dogs. Human racers hallucinate when they run days on end with few ZZZZZs. But dogs don't suffer nearly as much from sleep deprivation because they're really, really good nappers. Anne Morris of Providence Alaska Medical Center recommends mushers take the lesson. ``Sleep wherever and whenever you can,'' she recommends.

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