Fast ferry decision, supporters questioned

Posted: Sunday, March 05, 2000

For all practical purposes, if not precise APOC definitions, Geldhof and his fellow fast boat tub-thumper, Greg O'Claray, are paid lobbyists for ferry system employees - O'Claray as a union business agent and Geldhof as a lawyer handling much of O'Claray's legal work. Hardly the stuff of ``neutral observation.''

It is correct to say the governor and senior staff on the third floor came down on the side of fast ferries. It is flat wrong to characterize DOT Commissioner Joe Perkins, an honorable man, as agreeing with the decision. The commissioner has often made it clear that the road makes far more sense, and a host of DOT employees are privately livid about the decision.

With regards to the legislative majority ponying up buck one for fast boats, I expect pigs to fly first.

Joe Holbert

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