Health cuts leave patient without help

Posted: Sunday, March 05, 2000

This past week there has been much discussion concerning the closure of Mental Health Services. Much talk about consumers: they, them, etc. I'm writing in order for you to see it through the eyes of a person it will affect.

Two years ago I sought the services of Mental Health. I'm anorexic and suffer from bi-polar disease as well. There is no other service in town that deals with anorexia nervosa. I cannot afford a private facility. Hence, Mental Health Services.

My anorexia was out of control to the point that I was going to die. My clinician has been able to help me keep it under control but unfortunately it was a little too late. I have done irreparable damage. Although I'm still alive, my husband and I are now involved in grief therapy.

There is no service that will be able to ``absorb'' my case. What happens to my anorexia nervosa when services are pulled? What happens to the therapy my husband and I desperately need? I will be among countless individuals who will fall through the cracks.

When no service exists to help us, we cannot be absorbed.

To the city officials who are pushing for the dismantling of Mental Health Services, which one of you are willing and able to help me when you slam the door in my face? I suffer from a deadly physical and mental disease; which one of you will take the time to try to learn about it while I still have time?

What excuse will you give to my children?

Julie Reel

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