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Posted: Sunday, March 05, 2000

I just wanted to say I'm 100 percent in support of the Mackie plan.

I'm one of those that's in 100 percent support of the Mackie plan.

It seems to me that the public already has in its employee all the talent necessary to solve this contentious helicopter noise problem. Just assign the problem to the same geniuses who figured out how to silence the avalanche control cannon placement on Douglas beach. Who'd of thought? You just move the gun and placement down a bit, then two weeks and a lot of state money later, voila - when you shoot at the same old mountain you can't hear a thing. Amazing.

And God createth the heavens and the earth in six days. And on the seventh he rested and said `this is good.' And since no one alive knoweth when God createth the earth, God createth the Congress and the Legislature so no work would be done on the seven days. And God looketh down and said `this is good.'

I was reading about a local police officer paying the fines of the subsistence protesters. I think when police officers start paying the fines of lawbreakers, it's time they found a new job.

This is in response to the Word of Mouth caller who wanted intellectual substance other than Ellen Goodman. I just wanted to say I find Ellen Goodman refreshing and she certainly takes a common sense approach to complex issues. Does this person mean they'd prefer Dave Barry as a column of intellectual substance?

Too bad the reporters don't write the headlines. Maybe you'd get it right. `Economic Council budget may be slashed in half' is incorrect. The only thing that would be cut in half is the contribution from one of the contributors, not the entire budget.

I love Ellen Goodman, and she's very intellectual and she brings a wonderful balance to the Juneau Empire.

Remember, Little League registration ends next weekend at the Nugget Mall.

Juneau had beautiful salmon creeks, especially Jordan Creek. Development ruined the salmon streams. Now that's criminal.

This is regarding the splitting up of the Permanent Fund dividend. I think if you take the total amount of the Permanent Fund and split it up between all the residents of the state of Alaska it would be a lot more than $25,000. A whole lot more.

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