Greatness of this place

Posted: Tuesday, March 05, 2002

This letter's only intention is to write about the praises this town deserves to know about itself. One begins by the first thing he sees and feels in this place. Mountains that cover half the sky, water at each edge, rainy gray clouds that fall in between the mountains. Some say the mountains cause a sensation of suffocation, they cover so much of the periphery of your eye. It can be attuned to the feeling of isolation one has in this place. I would replace the word "isolation" with "solitude." No other place inspires such a sense in me, and it is a shared solitude, not alone.

The people of Juneau, in my faith, are also very special. Once I had a conversation with someone who said that Juneau is the only place where you find real people. That may be just what young, idealistic people like to say over coffee, but I've found that sentiment in many places. I find it in the great art that comes out of this town, and much more importantly, a small community that supports it. Venues such as Perseverance Theatre, Juneau Arts and Humanities, and the Juneau Lyric Opera would not be able to create anything without such a greatly supportive audience.

The women of Juneau are amazing. The fact that our town has such a vast amount of dynamic, creative, powerful leadership from women in all areas, business to politics and elsewhere, I think is an attribute to the broad acceptance of leadership our town has. You might find just as much talent and intelligence in women elsewhere, but not such an acceptance of leadership and balance.

Am I the only one who sees this? I can't be the only person truly in love with this town, with Juneau. I can't be delusional in my admiration for the people. I can't be the only truly proud Juneau citizen? Juneau is my home, and in a simple way I am trying to say that we need to understand the greatness of this place.

Ishmael C. Hope


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