It's time for Tenakee murder truth

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, March 05, 2004

Our little community of Tenakee Springs will soon mark the first anniversary of the brutal murder of Maggie Wiggins. There has never been an arrest in the case and her killer is still free - tormented by guilt living in constant anxiety, we may certainly hope - but free.

To my knowledge, the only public statement the State Troopers have ever made is that "the investigation is continuing" and that all the physical evidence has not yet been processed. A full year after the crime, this is simply not an acceptable answer or an acceptable state of affairs.

The community who loved Maggie and the family who still grieves for her deserve better. Simple justice demands better.

There are several possible reasons for the apparent absence of progress in the investigation. It is possible that physical evidence was mishandled in such a way as to be useless in prosecution. This happens. If that is the case, it is incumbent upon the troopers to acknowledge their blunder and take steps that it not happen again. Stonewalling us will not work ... we promise.

It is possible that the problem lay in the troopers' lack of technical support to properly process evidence in a timely way. If this is the case it is incumbent on those who fund and prioritize these services to change their ways. We will continue to nag our elected public servants to see that they do.

It has been a year since Maggie's murder. It is high time that truthful answers were forthcoming from those responsible for the administration of justice.

Brooke Elgie

Tenakee Springs

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