Boy Scout trailhead should be protected

Posted: Sunday, March 05, 2006

We appreciated your reporter Elizabeth Bluemink's comprehensive look at the possible sale of U.S. Forest Service land surrounding the Boy Scout trailhead.

For those of us who have used and continue to enjoyed this area, it would be very troubling to have it become a subdivision, gravel pit or other noncompatible use.

I feel it is important for the staff of the U.S. Forest Service in Juneau to work with our planners and the public to explore all the possible ways to protect this area. Adding sprawl to this area does not seem like a very good plan.

Another concern I have is with the possible closing of some of our public-use Forest Service cabins. I feel these cabins are a very valuable public asset. Not only do they provide a safe comfortable way to enjoy the out-of-doors, but also have literally saved the lives of many lost and stranded, hikers, hunters, boaters and airplane passengers caught in the fog.

We need to keep all the cabins for public use and work with the Forest Service to figure out ways to maintain them in a more efficient and less expensive way.

Mary Lou King


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