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Posted: Sunday, March 05, 2006

David Stone

Age: 48.

Favorite outdoor activity: Hiking mine trails.

"I grew up in Juneau, where there are so many old mining ruins and trails," Stone said. "I hike the Perseverance Trail, Sheep Creek Trail, Nugget Creek Trail and the Spaulding Trail. I have always been fascinated with all that stuff, even as a kid, and hiking gives me a chance to explore."

Second favorite: Fishing.

Work: Juneau Assembly member; vice president of consumer affairs at Alaska Electric Light and Power.

Program: He wishes he had more time to train. His regimen used to include weekly hikes. Now they are "far less frequent," since his election. "Public service takes a lot of time," he said.

Papa was a strolling Stone: Stone credits his father with his introduction to hiking. His father was really into mining history, which led Stone and his father to explore the outdoors. It was great for a young kid to have that relationship, Stone said. "Now it is my wife who gets me on the trails," he said.

Next: "Now that I am getting older I am definitely becoming more interested in golf," Stone said. "I would love to take it up, but there is not much in the way of golf around these parts. Maybe that will change."

Favorite athletes: Fran Tarkenton, the former scrambling quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings. Also, cycling legend Lance Armstrong, "who is more than just an athlete," Stone said. "He inspires many people to do the right things."

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