A burning question to ask Osama bin Laden

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, March 05, 2007

There is a question I have longed to pose to the self-anointed financier and operational guru of 9/11 - the absent Osama bin Laden. Feel free to respond care of the Juneau Empire. But first allow me to qualify it.

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Osama did not start off living in caves.

His family history has more in common with the "Sopranos" than the "Brady Bunch." His father was a very good provider, in the construction business, but he saw the writing on the wall and cut Osama out of the picture early. So Osama's mom took over and sent him out of the country for some formal education. Sort of like camp. Young Osama got wrapped up in the ideology of resistance. Like many, he began to share the view that his native land was the last bastion for tradition. I can say this because few men since Hitler have generated more study. With the conviction of youth, caught up in the zeal of resistance, Osama latched onto the ideals of the non-reformist. (Things had been going really well for the established order.)

Let's face it, Osama was a late bloomer and a poor study. He was kicked out of every nation he ever roosted in until Afghanistan, and then only because the government was so dirt poor and corrupt he could bribe it. But personal ambition and narcissism would never allow him to remain second banana in any republic. His own global incursions soon followed. Virtually every nation on this planet is now suffering the strife of one man's ambitions. Does this strike a chord?

So here is my question to Osama. How many are you willing to lead to the altar of world domination?

Remember, Osama's legions may have allies, but they have no country. Embattled real estate does not count. By allies I refer to the merchants of death and the lost souls empowering this cruel and futile period in history. Let me recommend some heavy lifting to the reader. Pick up New York Times best-selling author Robert Ferrigno's novel "Prayers for the Assassin."

Personal freedom is a quest. America embodies this quest. Osama only offers flavored Kool-Aid.

Ken Dunker


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