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Posted: Monday, March 06, 2000

This over-educated whiner certainly enjoyed peace, tranquility and the sunlight that filled Juneau's skies yesterday.

People who are whining about the budget cut only have themselves to blame. Eighty-five percent of the voters said, ``Leave my permanent fund alone and I want all the state services as well.'' If you want state services, you have to pay for it.

I am in agreement with the Mackie plan, but with one stipulation. After six or eight years we should revisit the idea of another dividend or another lump-sum payout. The money managers of the fund have done a great job and there is no reason to think that they won't continue to do so.

I'm staggered at Sen. Mackie's arrogance. Many of us are aware that the more money legislatures have to spend, the faster they spend it. Once they have access to the permanent fund, it's just a matter of time until it is gone and then we'll all be paying an income tax.

Why not let those who like the Mackie plan get their $25,000? The smart people will continue to get our yearly dividend, but the people who settled for the quick fix, bribe payoff are barred from applying for any future dividend. I wonder if people realize that $25,0000 will put then into a different income bracket. They won't see much of it after taxes.

Juneau deserves a good regional mall. One with quality stores, a food court, movie theater and ice rink. We, in Southeast, should not have to go south to go to a nice mall.

Why don't we have a Saturday paper? Doesn't Saturday count? I bet a lot of people would like a paper on Saturday morning. People want basketball game results.

I have lived in Douglas for 42 years and never heard of the Douglas Neighborhood Association. If the Douglas Advisory Board opposes the land swap, they have 100 percent of my support.

I saw Dave Palmer up at Eaglecrest skiing, engaged in mental health therapy. I'm sure Dave would never cut any therapeutic program that he was involved in. Such as flying, driving a Jaguar or skiing. It appears it is all downhill from here.

The person who does not like the police officer who helped the subsistence protester, probably does not like cops or Natives.

Public servants have a jobto uphold but they are also private citizens. When matters of heritage, religion and conscious arise, it is all of our private duties to do what we can to uphold our beliefs. The police officer that paid the fine of the protester would have, on orders and in the line of duty, promptly arrested that same protester. I think he is one of the good guys.

I'm in total agreement with the caller who said enough of Ellen Goodman.

When Juneau gets ready to build the indoor ice rink, they should check out the design at the sport center in Bellingham. They have a beautiful complex for indoor skating and soccer.

Coaches are not God andkids are not perfect. The reason coaches have kids sign an oath is to make sure that they cover themselves legally, in case someone should accidentally die. Coaches are not mind-readers and don't know whether or not students are involved with drugs or alcohol.

High school athletes should be treated like any other student and be given minor consuming instead of being kicked off the team. I would rather deal with the law than the Juneau School District.

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