Posted: Tuesday, March 06, 2001

Pilahio 'Philip' Ortelano

Pilahio "Philip" Ortelano of Petersburg and Juneau died Feb. 14, 2001, in Anchorage.

He was born Jan. 4, 1935, in Petersburg to Grace and Pilahio Ortelano into the Eagle, Thunderbird Shangukeidi Clan and the Kawdliyaayi Hit-House Lowered From the Sun. He lived and worked in Petersburg for most of his life and moved to Juneau in his later years.

Memorial Services will be held 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Glacier Valley Church of God, 8497 Thunder Mountain Road. An ANB memorial and funeral services were held in Petersburg last month.

He is survived by his brothers and sisters Betty Marvin and Rosita Worl of Juneau, Marcelo and George Quinto of Anchorage and Frank Quinto of Washington, Mercedes Kanto and Carmen Plunkett of California, Ventura Samaniego of Seattle, Sandy and Joe Samaniego of Juneau, and Samuella Samaniego of Seattle, Rita Adams of Juneau, Frances Perkins of Seattle, Randolph Williams of Juneau and Randy Williams and Alex Jackson of Seattle. He is also survived by his nephews and nieces, Albert Perkins of Juneau and John Perkins of Seattle; Tom, David and Delfin Evenson of Petersburg, Raymond Evenson of Juneau and Cindy Evenson of Seattle; Philip Montemayor and Bob Valentine of Virginia, Celeste Worl of New Mexico, Rod Worl of Anchorage and Ricardo Worl of Juneau; James and Jennifer Quinto of Juneau; Joe and Michelle Quinto of Anchorage; Jaylene and Julian Quinto of Spokane, Wash.; Marcella, Judy and George Kanto and Doreen and Renee Peck of California; Michael and Misha Plunkett of California; Leeann, Anne, Santino, Nick, Bene, Joe, Tony Samaniego of Seattle and Brian and Erin Samaniego of Juneau; Aisha Adams of Juneau, Herman, Fred and Tony Perkins of Seattle and Rhonda, Mary, and Randy Williams of Juneau. His only surviving uncle is Paul Jackson of Seattle.

He was active in several churches in Petersburg, Juneau and Anchorage including the Juneau Prayer Group. He played his guitar every Sunday at the Glacier Valley Church of God. His family wrote that he was recognized for his superior talents in guitar and a voice that never failed him. He will be remembered as a loving, kindhearted and generous person who was gentle and pure in heart, and he greeted everyone with a smile.

He served in the National Guard and while on a maneuver in a remote area, his faith, strength and endurance served to win the Eisenhower Trophy Award for his unit. As a young "village" boy, he was curious and eager to see the bright lights of Anchorage and on a 24-hour pass he walked the 20 miles to Anchorage and back.

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