Business Profile: Mary Szczepanski

Posted: Wednesday, March 06, 2002

Name and title: Juneau resident Mary Szczepanski is sole proprietor of Healing Touch Alaska, a private practice. She is a certified Healing Touch practitioner and instructor and a certified holistic nurse with a total of 14 years experience in these fields. She also teaches self-help classes.

Services: "Healing Touch combines the physical, mental and spiritual healing processes, and so it is a good balance with nursing work," Szczepanski said. "The philosophy of Healing Touch says that illness and wellness are not just about the physical being but about the other pieces of the person as well."

Szczepanski provides consultations for and treats a broad range of patients: "A lot of people come because they have done reading about Healing Touch and want especially to participate in their own healing process or have a higher level of wellness. Other people come because they are in pain and are looking for alternatives to Western medicine."

She teaches classes all over Alaska, including in Anchorage, Barrow, Bethel, Fairbanks, Ketchikan and Sitka.

Training: To become a certified Healing Touch practitioner, Szczepanski went through a certification program in Colorado that involved 120 hours of class work plus a year of independent work under the tutelage of a mentor.

Quotable: "In Healing Touch, people keep their clothes on. Some of the techniques work with the energy field without even touching the body. Others are light touches. There is no manipulation. It's subtle, but most people feel relaxation and pain relief."

"Healing Touch is not just me; it's a community of people in Juneau," Szczepanski said. "Many of these people are service-minded. I know someone who just gave treatments for a year, free, to a cancer patient,"

Juneau: Szczepanski has lived in Juneau since 1993. "I like the size of the community and the easy access to nature. I love hiking and being outdoors."

Next class: Her next Healing Touch Level One class will be given on Mondays in April, 6-9 p.m., at her office. The 20-hour series costs $250.

Contact information: Healing Touch Alaska is at 5750 Glacier Highway, D-12. The phone is 790-2402. Call for details and office hours.

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