To heal, we need to communicate as equals

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I've just read Gerry Bigelow's Feb. 21 My Turn, "Racism rears its head in Juneau," and I find it astonishing that there appears to be no response to his call for the good people of Juneau to unite against the perpetuation and acceptance of ugliness in our schools, our community and our lives.

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Mr. Bigelow, count me and many others in the community among those who believe that healing is possible only when we all confess that it is not only the victim who has the need to heal. Those who cause suffering, those who allow it, those who ignore and witness it, they, too, have the need to heal - perhaps a need even greater than those of us who have learned to overcome the ignorance and malice of others.

If we are to survive as a community, we must go forward as equals, holding hands. When we look at one another, let us all think this: You are my human equal. It is only when we communicate together as equals that we can all heal, and only then can we go forward.

Mr. Bigelow, Gunalcheesh. And to paraphrase your words and echo your call, how about it, Juneau?

Ernestine Hayes


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