Forget Me Not Foundation publishes teen book

Posted: Sunday, March 06, 2011

Forget Me Not Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Alaska corporation, announces an all new publication, “Soul Shaking Grief For Teens,” patterned after their 2010 publication, “Soul Shaking Grief.”

The book is an impaired and dangerous driving awareness guide for teens, by teens and about teens, intended to raise public awareness of the hazards and consequences of dangerous driving behaviors and is directed toward teens throughout Alaska. Students in school districts all over the state are being enlisted to help organize groups in their schools to collect and organize the stories and materials for this new publication. The book will contain true stories and comments about accidents caused by impaired, distracted, fatigued and aggressive driving behaviors in which teens were involved in some way. It will also contain stories and comments about situations in which teens find themselves being pressured by peers and how they responded. There will be additional guest comments from civic and government leaders, legislators, congress people, teachers, counselors and parents, as well as information and statistics about impaired and other dangerous driving behaviors.

Forget Me Not Foundation is inviting students to enter a contest to design the front cover for the new publication. The contest challenges teens to encourage each other to buckle up; stay focused (resist distractions); not drive impaired; pay extra attention in work zones; convince their peers that “restraining yourself” is an important step to ensuring a safe trip. To help accomplish this, the contest challenges teens to design a cover for the book that draws attention to some or all of the elements mentioned here. An Apple iPad will be awarded to the winning entry. Go to Forget Me Not Foundation’s website for contest details, at; call 978-7809 or e-mail them at

“Soul Shaking Grief” is being used in counseling, treatment and teaching programs in over 65 agencies and organizations all over the state of Alaska. “Soul Shaking Grief For Teens” will be distributed through Alaska’s school districts and also at all Fred Meyer and Safeway stores. The book is free to the general public.

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