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Posted: Tuesday, March 07, 2000

I have lived in Juneau for over 25 years and appreciate the opportunity via the Letters to the Editor section of the newspaper to express my opinion. I support the road access option as did the five years of studies and data gathered by the state Department of Transportation and other agencies.

Regarding some of Governor Knowles' reasoning about his preference, I would like to respond by stating that there are times when there will be lawsuits and threats of lawsuits from any side on any given issue. One current example is the lawsuit regarding the construction of the latest ferry and the subsequent millions in litigation costs the state is paying and will continue to pay.

How about the long-term benefits of increased commerce, economic gain and industrial activity that would be generated by the road access? How about the short-term benefits of having Alaskans and Alaska companies build the road?

You should drive our latest road, the Lena Bypass. It was a pleasure for me to drive on, and while looking around, I failed to find fault with the responsible road construction and maintenance.

Progress is an integral part of our economic system. And since man began walking, roads have been progress. The ferries of Southeast Alaska were never intended to be our only means of transportation.

We are losing the support of Anchorage/Mat-Su and Fairbanks population that supported our keeping the capital in Juneau when they hear, ``The people in Juneau don't want a road.''

Fast ferry wakes, fuel costs, pollution from ships, aging slow ferries, reluctant funding, etc., all lead toward a permanent solution: building a road.

Good things take time and maybe that's more of what the road is going to take.

T. Kelly Corrigan

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