Ferry trips are a nice way to travel

Posted: Tuesday, March 07, 2000

Recently, a front-page article about the road named several well-known and well-meaning folks who would question the wise decision of our Democratic Governor to add fast ferries to the blue canoe fleet.

Since I'm way apolitical myself, I can't even begin to imagine why these folks are so fired up about building a road through a virtual war zone of potential avalanches, mudslides and truly pristine wilderness. Especially since, a nice fast or even a not-so-fast ferry would be such a really smart, relaxed and sensible way to travel? Maybe there are other reasons for these folks working so long and hard to make this an issue of hellfire and brimstone for the governor.

Is it simply a partisan issue, a batch of rather sour grapes or some other rather obscure interest? Hum, a real puzzle.

Alan R. Munro

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