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Posted: Tuesday, March 07, 2000

``42nd Street'' is a wonderful performance. My family enjoyed every minute of it. Congratulations to everyone involved with this production.

Before we dismantle the permanent fund, let's try this. Stop putting new oil revenues into the fund and use that money to fund state programs. How close would that get us to balancing the budget while still safeguarding our standard of living?

I am a Tlingit woman who grew up on Native food. I can't believe we need a license for clams and cockles. What's next, blueberries?

I'm an Alaska Native. It is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard to have a license to go clam digging. Whoever put this on the law books should reexamine this.

The fines for the Juneau Four were paid by money from the two local Tlingit clans, the Taku and the Auk.

A new fast ferry to Sitka is even more idiotic than a fast ferry to Skagway. The geographics of Sitka force even our present ferries to slow down. It costs an extra $12,000 in fuel alone for the Kennicott to call on Sitka on its way to Petersburg.

You would get more support for the wolf problem if you didn't shoot the wolves from airplanes. If you gave special permits to hunters to go out and harvest wolves, it would be a better way to go. The moose would benefit and the private hunting public would also benefit.

I fully support Dave Palmer's elimination of Juneau's mental health services. I was astounded to read that more than 40 people worked for them. If you ever dealt with them, you would know that they had a hard time doing the work of about two people. It will be a much improved situation in the city of Juneau to rely on the private sector for those services.

Ellen Goodman provokes people who have little social conscious. Please keep her column.

It's time the state looks at the license plate situation. We're paying for two license plates but only have tags for one. We can cut the registration fee in half if we only paid for one license plate.

Please give better coverage of teams and young people from Southeast that are participating in the Arctic Winter Games.

Right on to the person who asked for a Saturday paper. What is up with Saturday? There's seven days in the week and we ought to get seven papers.

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