Palin says editorial appealed to fear

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The editorial you ran (Sunday) on my comments concerning moving the Legislature was no more than a scare tactic and an apparent attempt to stir up controversy.

I have a journalism degree, but it doesn't take one to recognize the stretch you made to tie my honest comments about legislative meetings into a "Move the Capitol" issue.

My comments made during the Juneau forum were sincere. I do not support moving the Capitol and believe Juneau should continue to be a government hub. And, yes, I do believe that more participation from the public around the state is vital to good government. I am confident our Southeast residents do not object to more public involvement.

In order to achieve more participation the Legislature would be right to conduct meetings throughout the state, in addition to headquartering in Juneau. Southeast residents have been privileged to be a part of the inner workings of government for years. The Empire conveniently left out the fact that I respect and thanked the efforts of the Alaska Committee who have worked diligently to make Juneau more accessible through Gavel to Gavel and other measures.

I am committed to bringing honesty and transparency back to government, and to achieve that goal it takes contribution and input from all Alaskans. There are many issues facing Southeast Alaska, from the ferry system and fisheries to municipal revenue sharing. I am committed to meeting the needs of our communities throughout our state.

The Empire should take a step back and recognize Southeast residents have nothing to fear from my candidacy but rather much to gain.

It is an honor to have support of many in Southeast Alaska. I am on record - where do the other candidates stand?

Sarah Palin


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