Build gas pipeline and provide free health care

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I am writing in response to Sunday's Associated Press article, "Palin unveils gas line plan." I agree with Gov. Sarah Palin's decision on the gas pipeline project. It is imperative that we go on with this project as soon as possible. Our country should no longer rely on other countries' gas to live our daily lives.

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"Alaska can and must help," Palin said. "Alaska has got the energy, and we are ready to reduce Americans' dependence on foreign sources."

We must speed up the process so that our country, which is the greatest in the world, should continue to be. Also, the Alaska Permanent Fund should increase the royalties for all the residents of Alaska.

I also feel we should be the first state to implement a free health plan to all our residents, so that they can continue to live here for generations to come. This health plan should be paid for by the permanent fund's royalties. When we get the gas pipeline royalties, the fund will continue to pay more dividends.

Let's say yes to the gas pipeline and yes to a state health plan for all Alaska residents regardless of their income.

Alfredo Velazquez


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