Secondhand smoke doesn't kill outright

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Matt Felix would have everyone believe that doctors' journals and surgeon general reports are all true (Thursday's Juneau Empire).

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Automobiles and diesel buses emit the same carcinogens as a cigarette does and in far greater doses. A study reported in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer the week of Sept. 18, 2006, reports that a combined study by the United States and England found car emissions were far greater than previously reported. Also, these emissions were found to have caused lung cancer and other related lung problems. I notice that Felix and other clean-air advocates have not called the report false or full of baloney.

Not everybody on this planet is the same. Secondhand smoke may contribute to a person who already has a lung problem, but I doubt like heck that it kills a person all by itself.

What really kills a person is the inability of the immune system to fight off the diseases and sicknesses that person has. People who don't eat right or take a daily dose of vitamins will most certainly have a weak immune system.

It's time to stop baby-sitting for the people can't control their children. I gather that the baby boomers who are crying about secondhand smoke harming their children did not eat properly when they were growing up, because their children inherited their immune system from them. Now they want me to quit smoking because of the immune system that they passed on to their children. Forget it.

I've smoked for 50 years now and expect to live a long happy life because I ate properly, ate my traditional foods and have a very strong immune system.

Ken Perkins


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