Capital City Fire Rescue Volunteer Firefighter of the Month: Tricia Myers

Posted: Sunday, March 07, 2010

Credentials: Firefighter I, EMT I.

Courtesy Of Capital City Fire Rescue
Courtesy Of Capital City Fire Rescue

District: Glacier.

Employer: Mike's Refrigeration and Air Conditioning and Alaskan Memorial Park & Mortuary.

Service: 5½ years.

Why did you join the fire service?: "It's a job where you can give your community the help and support they need during an emergency. I feel like I'm helping others in a time of need and hopefully if there's a time that I need help someone will be there."

Favorite aspect of fire service: "It's simple really. I love it. It is a very demanding job, but also a very exciting and rewarding one too. There is a sense of accomplishment, volunteering has exceeded my expectations. There is so much extra training that goes into being a volunteer than I could have ever imagined. The benefits of personal growth and accomplishment in being a volunteer and of acquiring a second family have outweighed the extensive time commitment."

Reason nominated: "Tricia is one of our unsung heroines and signs up for many tasks that don't get much recognition or thanks. She is very dedicated and has gives her time freely to the department. She was the first one to complete our EMT I internship."

• Volunteer Firefighter of the Month is provided by Capital City Fire Rescue Division Chief-Volunteers Beth Weldon.

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