Thanks for helping Rotary's food drives

Posted: Sunday, March 07, 2010

On behalf of Juneau-Gastineau, Glacier Valley and Juneau Rotary Clubs and Capital City Rotaract, please accept our heartfelt thanks for your generous contributions during our food drive for the Southeast Alaska Food Bank on Feb. 27. You all are so awesome!

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Many thanks to Carr's/Safeway, Alaskan & Proud, Super Bear and Costco, for their gracious hospitality in allowing us into their stores and our busses into their parking lots.

Thanks to First Student busses for providing us a place to load the many contributions we received. Especially, thanks to the bus drivers who were on site, on time and willing to wait a little longer while we brought out contributions received after "the official closing time."

Thanks to Johnson Youth Center Community Detention Program for donating the strong arms of five young men to help people with shopping for heavy items and loading heavy items into the busses.

We have always known Juneau-Douglas is a great place to live, but you all blew us away with your generous contributions at each location. There was a total of 14,668 pounds of food collected. That is almost 7 ½ tons of food! Wow! That is truly amazing!

Thanks just doesn't seem to be enough!

Annette GE Smith, Juneau-Gastineau Rotary Food Drive Chair

Charity McKinnon, Glacier Valley Rotary Food Drive Chair

John Blasco, Downtown Juneau Rotary Food Drive Chair

Armondo DeGuzman, Rotaract Food Drive Chair

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