Thanks for contributing to the Pipeline Skate Park open house

Posted: Sunday, March 07, 2010

On Feb. 27, I had the opportunity to witness the true meaning of the word "community." As a member of the Friends of the Pipeline Skate Park, I was fortunate enough to be a part of organizing the open house that was held to celebrate the reopening of the Pipeline Skate Park.

As the "Friends" organized this event we were nervous. The morning of the open house we waited anxiously, popping popcorn and firing up the grill. We worried that we had thrown a party but no one was going to attend. How many hotdogs could a handful of volunteers eat? Skateboarders have a reputation of being individualists. Would this attempt to reach out to the larger community of Juneau even work?

Despite the rain and chill, it felt like the sun came out when people started filling up the edges of the skate park. It was inspiring to see how supportive people were of the Pipeline Skate Park and healthy youth activities. It was amazing to see the number of people who came out to skate, watch the skaters, show their support or just simply check out what was going on! We counted 98 people in attendance and there were many more that we missed counting. There were adults and kids of all ages listening to the great music provided by DJ Judo, eating a hotdog and popcorn, or just hanging out and watching the skaters do their thing.

Without "community" this event would not have been possible. I want to thank the event sponsors for supporting the "Friends" and this successful event:

Rozwick Giles Music provided the sound equipment.

DJ Judo donated his time to DJ the event.

Northern Sales, Inc donated hotdog buns.

Juneau Drug donated the popcorn supplies and the use of the popcorn machine.

Valley Paint for donating paint for the murals that we were, unfortunately, not able to complete in time for the open house.

A friend of mine in Modesto, Calif., calls it "com(you)nity," and I saw that more than ever at the wonderful event. Thank you, Juneau, for supporting the skaters and the Friends of the Pipeline Skate Park and here's to many more to come!

Cindee Brown-Mills

Member, Friends of the Skate Park Board


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