Auke Bay master plan

Posted: Monday, March 07, 2011

The Juneau Docks and Harbors Board is currently involved in moving forward with the Auke Bay Master Plan, which was initiated in 2005, and partially funded by Juneau voters in 2005 and 2007. The completion and approval of this plan is timely, as demands on the harbor have evolved significantly over the past decade.

Foremost, use of Statter Harbor by local recreational boaters, tourism businesses, kayakers, the haul-out yard, the Coast Guard, lodge operators, the fishing fleet, and Hotbite patrons, to name a few, has grown significantly over the years.

An immediate issue is the dilapidated mooring facility (formally DeHarts, now owned by CBJ), which is unsafe, and in need of replacement. The upland access to this facility is a concern as well, considering the growth and changes that have occurred at the harbor.

Another very serious challenge is the condition of the existing fuel facility on the DeHarts dock. It is old and deteriorating, and poses a significant environmental threat to Auke Bay.

Traffic flow at the harbor is ineffective, and at busy times of the day dangerous to pedestrians. Staging and parking are problematic, especially for recreational vehicles and boat trailers. This situation will soon become even worse, as DOT has scheduled to rebuild the Glacier Highway/Back Loop intersection, and will no longer allow overflow vehicle and boat trailer parking along the highway. The school district is also planning to curtail overflow parking at the Auke Bay School.

The Harbor Board, in guiding the development of the Auke Bay Master Plan, worked very diligently to accommodate the needs of all users of Statter Harbor, while providing for future growth and opportunity. Public input, as well as professional consultation, steered all components of the Plan. The Board is now hoping to begin construction at Statter Harbor.

The plan accounts for all site related environmental restraints. It addresses traffic flow and pedestrian safety, provides for present and future parking and restroom needs, separates tour staging and recreational launch ramp use, enhances open public space with the inclusion of a seawalk, and provides for a new and relocated fuel facility. Most importantly, the plan accommodates these improvements without displacing current DeHarts moorage patrons. Under the plan, all permanent moorage slips are to be relocated to a new float addition to be added to the existing CBJ dock system.

Please contact the Harbor Board or your Assembly Representative as soon as possible with any questions or comments regarding the Auke Bay Master Plan. The plan can be viewed online at

Bob Janes


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