In support of predator control

Posted: Wednesday, March 08, 2000

Is there anywhere in our society today that politics is not invoked to trump reason, fact and even law?

Certainly politics has been used in the past to achieve beneficial social goals but politics was never meant to replace American democratic systems. Such is the case today, in my opinion, with the governor's attempt to intimidate, browbeat and direct the Board of Game to reach conclusions he has decided to be politically expedient, for himself.

Leaving the issue of predator control aside, we find that Gov. Knowles has in effect directed the BOG to agree with him or risk replacement until he finds a board that is more compliant. One member has already been replaced. Perhaps the next logical step for the governor will be to dismiss the Legislature if it passes legislation he doesn't favor, reminiscent of the Russian President dismissing the Dumas, or FDR's attempt to pack the Supreme Court.

Ultimately, the politics of intimidation and regulation by fiat may spare a few wolves, but only by creating a more dangerous and addictive habit for the governor.

Ken Deardorff

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