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Posted: Wednesday, March 08, 2000

We should build a road over the Juneau Icefield into British Columbia instead of Lynn Canal. It will be open just as often.

If you ever traveled up Lynn Canal, you would realize it is not a place to put a road. It is awfully steep and you would have to cut through cliffs and travel through many avalanche paths along the way.

Gov. Knowles' fast ferry decision has nothing to do with better access to Juneau and everything to do with politics.

Regarding the two callers outraged about needing a license to dig clams. This regulation has been in effect for some time and it is not a special license. It is simply a sport fishing license.

It's a real shame that Juneau Mental Health is going out of business. I'm 20 years old and have suffered from depression since I was 11. Not everybody has insurance and can afford to pay for medication. Looking into the future, I'm scared that I might not be able to get the medication I need.

I love this place, there are so many great recreational opportunities and it is so beautiful.

Thank you to the girls basketball team. Best wishes to all of you. Go girls.

If you travel from the valley to town or vice versa and make more than three lane changes, don't use your turn signal when switching lanes or making turns, think a yellow light means speed up, tailgate people because you think they're not going fast enough or automatically step on the brakes when you see a police car - you're part of the crazy, speeding traffic problem in Juneau.

Are our elected officials publicjudges or public figures?

I would like to encourage everybody to go to see ``archy and mehitabel.'' It is a very funny, witty, singing and dancing kind of play. It closes this weekend.

To the people who work in the Permanent Fund Dividend division, we appreciate all your hard work every single day. Keep it up.

About the permanent fund, I wish people would stop complaining. The people who are always complaining probably came here from another state and don't deserve it anyway. I think the Mackie plan is great. We will get our $25,000 and then the complainers will leave our state.

Please don't raise the taxes on gasoline. I can hardly afford gas as it is.

Why is it insisted that church and state be separate? Yet, in every state sponsored legal proceeding to assure the truth is being told, people must swear to God on a church symbol.

I also agree that we don't need Ellen Goodman to balance our political views in Juneau. We need a good conservative commentator and we don't need the cartoon ``Sylvia'' either.

Ellen Goodman provokes people who have little social conscious. Please keep her column.

It's time the state looks at the license plate situation. We're paying for two license plates but only have tags for one. We can cut the registration fee in half if we only paid for one license plate.

Please give better coverage of teams and young people from Southeast that are participating in the Arctic Winter Games.

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