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Posted: Thursday, March 08, 2001

Word of Mouth gives readers a forum to express opinions on a variety of issues by telephone. Calls must be limited to one minute. We reserve the right to edit calls for clarity, length and libel. Callers must leave their name and a number at which they can be contacted (usually between 8 a.m. and noon). Only comments accompanied by a name will be published and only after the caller's identity is verified. Callers' names will appear in print. Call 586-4636 and press 8255 to leave a message.

Now that we are required to leave a name for our comment, when will the Empire require its editorial staff to sign their editorials? I think there is a valid role for anonymous commentary just as the secret ballot protects individuals in their right of free expression, Word of Mouth performed a useful function by allowing legitimate voices of dissent to express themselves without fear of retribution from business, state government, federal government or the Legislature.

Greg Cook

Bush's mild and soothing spin words, "routine" and "precautionary," apply overseas to bombing attacks newly targeted near Iraqi civilians and at home to Vice President Cheney's heart attacks and surgeries. What next?

Dixie Hood

I'm going to take advantage of the new Word of Mouth rules, which I applaud, to clarify a quote attributed to me regarding farmed halibut. Everyone in the Alaska halibut industry, not just the fishermen, needs to take steps to position Alaska halibut against farmed halibut. I didn't want to suggest or imply it was just the responsibility of fishermen. Everyone from the fishermen to the marketers needs to look at their position and make sure they are ready for farmed halibut.

Barbara Belknap

What happened to all the hateful little attacks? If you really meant what you were saying, why would putting your name next to it change anything?

Matt Voelckers

Regarding the Word of Mouth policy, no one cares for the pot to be stirred when one is sitting in it.

Ken Dunker

Regarding the Douglas Indian Association conflict and the character of the two factions' leaders, I've known Dorothy Owen for 20 years and I've worked for George Mather. Owen is a woman of good character and a community volunteer who is involved with Natives for Sobriety and is an all around good person.

Frank Thompkins

Deanna Walton mentioned last night (Word of Mouth) that she would like to see more features on Juneau seniors. The Gastineau Channel Historical Society does programs all the time. Last Saturday we did "Women Gone But Not Forgotten," reminiscing about the seniors. Our newsletter always features interesting information on the seniors in this community and if she would like to join us, we're at P.O. Box 21264 Juneau 99802.

Renee Hughes

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