Don't wait to say 'thanks'

Posted: Friday, March 08, 2002

I didn't know Greg very well. In fact, I didn't know him at all. Well, that's not quite true. I did know him by his first name and I knew if I got to his window at the post office, I would be helped and on my way. Looking back now, I remember my wife saying how kind this man was at the post office. How, when a package came that was too heavy for her to lift, he insisted on carrying it out to her car.

Yes, I wish now I would have known him better. I wish I would have thanked him for being a good, dedicated public employee and a good, all-around nice guy. I wish I would have known his last name. I know now that he liked to fish and enjoyed the wilderness that we live in here in Juneau.

I also know that it's not so easy to replace such a very dedicated person as Greg was. For all the people that use the Mendenhall Post Office and the times the line is kind of slow, let's remember Greg. Some will even ask, where is the guy that's so helpful? I wish I would have thanked him while he was still alive.

So long Greg, I'm sure the big Postmaster up there needed a good one at the main counter. All the best from a lot of us and please forgive us for waiting so long to tell you. You did a good job.

Chuck D. Keen


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