No reason to be baffled

Posted: Friday, March 08, 2002

I read Don Adams' letter (Empire, Feb. 24) with utter amazement. Here's someone who lives in Auke Bay, who believes we live in a "city-oriented society," and who sees no reason for anyone to own a gun. And he justifies his position on the basis of "common sense"! Gee, I must live in a different Auke Bay. I seem to be missing the city part.

It's nice that Mr. Adams feels completely safe in his surrounding, and it's great that he is able to have all his needs met by the local markets. However, to assume that his outlook and circumstances are shared by all is absurd. He states that he is baffled by the continuing debate over gun control. Maybe that's because he doesn't understand a fundamental aspect of America; that we are all free to be different, and to have our own opinions, and to make our own decisions. Maybe we just don't want to be "controlled." But he does seem to understand and deploy the techniques of the liberal left has been so successful in using to impose their will on others, which is: Claim your opinion is obviously the only possible conclusion that any rational person could reach, and then demonize any opposition!

Let's assume for the sake of argument that Mr. Adams is correct in his statement that we live in a city-oriented society. To use this as a rationale for eliminating the need for personal protection flies in the face of reality. Does he believe that violence and crimes against individuals only occur in hunting or agricultural societies? My reading of current events shows quite the opposite.

Sorry, Mr. Adams. I don't accept your observations or your conclusions.

Don Brand

Auke Bay

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