Fund education
I am a student that has graduated from Juneau-Douglas High School. I graduated in 2001, and when I graduated I remember seeing books from like the '80s or something along those lines.

Forest protection
Jim Mackovjak did a good job describing Sealaska's abuse of power (Empire, March 6).

Caught red-handed
I am not mistaken! I have known Richard Schmitz since he arrived in Fairbanks in the early '70s. His toe tapped and his hands clapped at the Buddy Tabor concert last month. Many saw him. He paid admission. He smiled.

Political aptitude test
If you can pass this test you are eligible to join the peace movement. The test consists of one multiple-choice question.

Knowledge vs. wisdom
There was a recent letter to the editor, that, I'm assuming, mirrors the beliefs of many. The letter was pro war, but more importantly pro president with respects to his decision-making ability upon the subject of war.

Focus on similarities
Many thanks to Richard Schmitz for his response to my letter to the editor. Not only was it entertaining (and I mean this sincerely), it inspired me to return to the International ANSWER Web site and check out what he described.

Take this box and ...
Whether it be Guy, Jeremiah, or Isaiah I've read my last Crockroft letter! Those guys (Guy and Jeremiah anyway) seem to have letters in the Empire nearly every week while an opposing view, from me, is never printed. So much for the liberal media bias!

Photo: On their marks - 1907
This photograph, by Case and Draper, was taken of the Juneau Volunteer Fire Department Hose Team in 1907. The department was organized in 1899 by a group of local citizens, which brought about annual hose- team competitions during Juneau's 4th of July celebration.

This Day in History
In 1887, Arthur Delaney was appointed Alaska Collector of Customs. He was Juneau's first mayor and also a U.S. district judge.

Inquiry: Overloading caused 2002 crash at Juneau Airport
Whenever Stephanie Madsen watched her husband Tom putting a polish to his 1956 Beech E18S airplane - his name shining on the door, eyes smiling just for her - she saw their future. But standing in a Juneau hangar last April - staring at a pile of mutated metal, the plane's door hanging from its hinges - she saw their future end. Nearly a year after the crash that killed her husband, a pilot with more than 30 years of flying experience, the National Transportation Safety Board said the plane went down because it was overloaded with cargo.

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Around Town
Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events.


Counseling director Kelly helps clients find meaning
Helping people put together the pieces of their lives is what provides Valerie A. Kelly with her greatest rewards. "You have to put the pieces together with an appreciation of what the picture is, what the process is that goes into it, the person who made the puzzle - all that stuff is what social work is about," said Kelly, 49, the executive director of the Tongass Community Counseling Center and a licensed clinical social worker. "It's about finding meaning."

Debate: How to pay for school projects?
Juneau voters likely will see more funding for school projects on an upcoming ballot, but local officials haven't decided when and how much. Assembly members floated a proposal Wednesday to put up to $11 million in local bonding for school projects on the June 3 special election ballot to qualify for partial state reimbursement. The city is planning a separate June ballot question to ask voters to approve more bonding for a Mendenhall Valley high school.

Thank you
...for the kindness; ...for the work; ...for the support.

Christian Ministries Association to hold 10th annual convention
The Alaska Christian Ministries Association is holding its 10th annual convention, Exploring Connections, Friday and Saturday, March 14 and 15, at Chapel by the Lake. "It's actually for lay people, pastors, any kind of people interested in supporting their church," said Lesley Thompson, chair of the Alaska Christian Ministries Association. "I've been the last three years, and it is such an incredible experience."

Halibut knives make a comeback
This is a story of knives and young boys and big halibut. One of the most picturesque sights along the old Juneau waterfront was to see a halibut boat unloading. With the halibut sling rising up out of the hold and dropping on the table, one or two men stood ready with their knives to chop off the heads.

Parenting seminar set
The Juneau Evangelical Pastor's Association, the Echo Ranch Bible Camp and the Juneau Youth for Christ/Campus Life are sponsoring the parenting seminar Breaking Free this weekend.

A Phoenix epiphany
I had a Phoenix epiphany today. A Phoenix epiphany is what I call a moment when I remember some of the beautiful experiences I had with kids when I was teaching in the Phoenix Program at JDHS. One of the best experiences was the Capitol City Science Fair. Advising kids on their projects was always an adventure.

Neighbors Briefs
Teachers to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday; Community Schools to hold workshop; Alzheimer's disease conference set

Auke Bay sunset
The sun sets over Auke Bay, viewed from Fritz Cove Road, in the last afternoon hours of Feb. 21. The hours of daylight are increasing by a few minutes each day and will continue to do so until the summer solstice - the longest day of the year - on June 21.

Art of spiritual dreaming classes scheduled
A five-part study in the art of spiritual dreaming will be held from noon to 2 p.m. on Saturdays between March 15 and April 2 at the Juneau Eckankar Center, 110 Seward St.

Ford Horst
Ford Horst of Juneau and Truckee, Calif., died Feb. 9, 2003, in Reno, Nev.

Alice Joyce Hanlon
Juneau resident Alice Joyce Hanlon, 50, died March 2, 2003, in Seattle, Wash.

My Turn: The case against foreign fish processors
I have to disagree with Allan Engstrom's letter about allowing foreign processors into Alaska. I am not a processor, but work in the fish industry, and have the benefit of some economics training, as well as some real live experience in fisheries. I'd like to make an analogy with a fictitious company we'll call Global Logging.

Carroll, Zhang, Syed lead winners at badminton tourney
JUNEAU - Twenty-five badminton players - including four from Fairbanks - participated in the 2003 Herb Jaenicke Memorial Badminton Tournament last weekend.

Juneau girl to ski in Junior Olympics
Isabel Waldman of Juneau qualified for the United States Ski Association's Rocky Mountain/Central Division J-3 Junior Olympics, which take place March 9-15 in Winter Park, Colo.

Sørlie is first to reach race's halfway point
EAGLE ISLAND - Norway's Robert Sørlie has become the first musher to reach the halfway point in the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. Sørlie reached Eagle Island on the Yukon River at 3:29 a.m. today, maintaining the lead he has held for hundreds of miles. He won $3,000 in gold nuggets for reaching the halfway point first.

Panther power
Small-town high school basketball in Alaska can be a fickle affair. Transfers, coaching changes and multiple activities drawing on a limited enrollment can lead to years of losing records - and sometimes no team at all. So when success shines on a small school's boys and girls teams in the same season - as has happened in Skagway this year - it gets the whole town talking.

Sports in Juneau
Information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

State Briefs
Elementary principal dies in crash; Travel packaging seminar set; Robber pistol-whips couple; Fairbanks students protest war; Man faces baby-assault charges; Senate wants more roads;

Bill would give tax break for value-added salmon
Fish processors who invest in new equipment could receive a tax break under a bill being considered in the Legislature. House Bill 90 would give processors a break on their fisheries business tax if they invest in equipment to produce "value-added salmon products." The measure would not include equipment for heading or gutting salmon, but would include machines that fillet, skin, marinate, dry and smoke fish, among other operations.

Boycott promised if state approves predator control
ANCHORAGE - Alaska can count on a tourism boycott if wolves are killed to boost moose populations for hunters, the president of a national animal rights group told the Alaska Board of Game on Thursday. "For every dollar you spend to kill a wolf, we will match in launching an offensive," said Priscilla Feral of Friends of Animals, headquartered in Darien, Conn.

Lawmakers cool to cuts in education
Gov. Frank Murkowski is proposing to cut spending on schools next year by nearly $28 million, partly by giving them less help busing their students and repaying their bond debt. But the idea is getting a cool reception in the Legislature. Democrats, who are in the minority, are denouncing it as a broken promise by the Republican governor, who said in his campaign last fall he would fully fund education.

Senator wants new court
ANCHORAGE - U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, an Alaska Republican, has introduced a bill to break the federal court system's large Western circuit in two.

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