Road would change experiences

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Growing up in Juneau has shaped who we are. We've grown up in a community with an appreciation for nature and conservation. Part of this, we believe, is due to the unique structure of Juneau. It is one of few cities of its size with no road out, and it is the only capital in the United States with this unique aspect. Because there is no road, Juneau feels much smaller than some places half its size.

We have not suffered by not having a road. In fact, we've thrived. We have not had to grow up alongside Winnebagos, billboards and strip malls. We live in a place that's big enough that there is plenty to do, yet small enough that we can feel safe walking downtown after dark. Having the Juneau-to-Skagway road would change this; it would make Juneau a very different place to grow up in. Right now Juneau is a pristine and unique community, and there's no reason that needs to change.

Claire Gross and Megan Bush

Juneau-Douglas High School students

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